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What is it like to row in Peachtree City?

Peachtree City Rowing Club, Inc (PTCRC)


My daughter loves rowing with this club! She has gained a new group of friends on top of the top notch coaching and team spirit! We are so pleased she wanted to join! As her mom, I’ve been so impressed with the families and caliber of team mates, too!
LOVE this rowing club! Come join us!!

Michele Cole Clark

Great sport and great participants. For a young program the results have been impressive.

Steve Brown

My daughter tried out rowing at a “Learn to Row Day” over the summer. She wasn’t sure about it after that day, but decided to give it a chance and joined for 2 weeks of summer camp. At the camp, one of the high school rowers spent time showing her how to row and she quickly gained confidence. At the end of camp, she loved rowing and how welcoming the other rowers were and decided to join the competitive team. She loves competing at regattas. Recently she told us that she can’t imagine a day without rowing. She is hooked!!

Sara Robbins Grivno

Just wanted to give a "kudos" to Coach Will and Coach Dawn.... my daughter has been in the camp the last two weeks and again these next two weeks. She was really apprehensive to start something new, but has started to really love rowing. She was in a single boat today and got her oar stuck and almost fell out, but the coaches "talked" her through it (as her peers cheered her on) and she was successful in getting everything back together.
She was so proud of herself today when I picked her up from camp. Coaches - Thanks for giving her confidence!

Tammy Waller Kendall

My son has been rowing with the PTC Rowing Club for two years starting as a novice and advancing to Varsity. He loves being out on Lake McIntosh and traveling to different states for regattas. He had grown tired of soccer so we had him try rowing at a Learn to Row event with the club. The rest is history! We highly recommend giving rowing a try. Great exercise and great friendships waiting to be made!

Laura Furman Soper

2 years ago,my 13 yr old son was at a loss on finding a sport activity where he felt like a team member while getting a good workout and competitive. I had heard about the rowing club and took him out to try it out. Now, he's a varsity rower, races at regattas all over SE USA, hangs out with the other youths outside of rowing and developed some great friendships. The club has many youths, parents, adult rowers and coaches who are all passionate about rowing and our club - and for good reason, it's the best! Thank you!

Joanne Lang

The most elegant sport!! :) What a privilege to join the Master's class.

Dorothy Wood

My daughter and I tried rowing for the first time at an intro to rowing day. She joined the team that fall, and I started the adult program a year later. My daughter played select soccer for years and needed a change. The kids learn a lot of responsibility for the equipment (expensive boats) and gain independence by being out on the lake with their teammates and coaches away from parents. She finishes a practice or a race and talks to me about all the details. It's a great workout, very supportive people, and Lake McIntosh is beautiful.

Chelsea Neckel

My oldest son Liam loves the discipline and the camaraderie of the team. We are a tight knit group of athletes and families. Coach Matt worked with Liam while he juggled competitive swim and novice crew.

Julieta Valenzona Doyle