Dogwood Junior Championship Recap

Oakridge, TN - Junior Rowers traveled to Oakridge, TN for the third regatta of the Spring 2018 Racing Season, the Dogwood Junior Championships. Athletes were fortunate to experience beautiful weather with cloudless sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. PTCRC raced in a total of 16 events.

Women's Jr 2x during their A Final.

The Dogwood Junior Championships is held at the Oakridge Rowing Association’s Melton Lake. It is a race course fixated in the gorgeous mountains of Tennessee. Boats began their racing by rowing 1,750m in the time trials. Boats that placed well enough to advance went on to race 2,000m in the semi finals. From there, the top 7 boats would advance to the A Finals, and the next set of 7 boats would race in the B Finals.

It was a hectic and busy morning of racing in the time trials. Coaches Margie Ellison and Matt Fanny hardly had a break between races from the start of the day until around 2pm. The Women’s Jr 4x, Women’s U-17 8+, Men’s Jr 4x, Women’s Jr 4+, Women’s Jr 2x, Men’s Jr 8+, Men’s Jr 2x, and the Men’s Jr 2nd 4+ would place well enough to advance to the semi-finals.

Men's Jr 4x mid race during their semi-finals.

As the afternoon of semi-finals progressed, the Women’s U-17 8+ put forth an excellent race. They placed 3rd in their event, with a finish time of (7:32.85), which would grant them a spot in the A Finals. Later that evening, the Men’s Jr 4x would race in their semi-finals with a finishing time of (7:19.77) granting them a spot in the B Finals.

By the end of the day, some of the athletes had already raced 3 times. Sunday would be no different, where some would go on to race another 3 times. Sunday morning’s racing began with a stellar performance from the Women’s Jr 2x. At the 1,000m mark, the ladies were battling out with the Gem City 2x. As they approached the last 500m, they kicked it up into high gear. They finished with a (8:16.58) time placing them in 2nd. This granted them an automatic advancement to the A Finals.

Shortly after, the Men’s Jr 8+ went on to finish (7:01.45) where they moved on to the B Finals. The Men’s Jr 2x, with a finish time of (7:48.34) would also go on to race in the B Finals.

Women's U-17 8+ mid stroke during their A Final.

The afternoon of finals racing was kicked off by the Women’s U-17 8+ in the A Finals. The young ladies put forth an exceptional race, and finished with a time of (8:08.45) placing them in 7th out of 25.

The Women’s Jr 4+ finished in the B Final with a time of (8:37.63) placing them 12th out of 27.

The Women’s Jr 2x had a killer race in their A Final. Coming up on the 1,000m mark, they were battling it out with 3 other boats. During the last 500m, it came down to bow ball to bow ball against the St Andres 2x. They put forth their best effort, and ended up beating the St. Andrews 2x by less than ⅔ of a second. This gave them a finishing time of (8:29.01) placing them in 5th out of 25.

In the Men’s Jr 8+ B Final, they finished with a time of (6:59.55) placing them 11th overall.

The last race of the day was the Men’s Jr 2x B Final. The men would go on to finish their race with a time of (8:13.22) placing them 11th out of 20.

Coach Margie and Coach Matt are extremely proud of the race performance put forth this past weekend. The PTCRC athletes raced against some very fast clubs and teams, and made tremendous strides. Boats improved on their performance and technique at every opportunity.



Peachtree City Rowing Club will be traveling to Sarasota, FL to compete in the USRowing SouthEast Youth Championships.

Final Finish Times:

You can also find the full result sheet by clicking here.