Fall Racing Results

Peachtree City Rowing Club had an incredibly successful inaugural fall racing season. We had over 70 youth (middle and high school) participate in our Fall rowing programs. We fielded a highly competitive High School racing team who travelled to three races this fall to race in both sweep and sculling events. We have a growing masters program with some of the fastest scullers in the country.

The following is a list of our results:

Chattanooga Head Race 2016

Women's Senior Master 1x : 1st Place

Women's Youth Novice 4+: 4th Place

Men's Youth 4x: 5th Place

Men's Youth 2x: 9th Place

Women's Youth 2x: 12th Place

Head of the Charles 2016

Women’s Senior Master 1x: 6th Place

Women’s Director Challenge 4x: 11th Place

Head of the Hooch 2016

Men's Youth Novice 8+: 16th Place

Women's Youth Novice 8+: 14th Place

Women's Master 2x: 25th Place

Women's Championship 1x: 2nd Place

Women's Master 1x: 5th Place

Men's Youth Novice 1x: 17th Place and 22nd Place

Women's Youth Novice 1x: 21st Place

Women's Master 4x (composite boat): 8th Place

Head of the South 2016

Men's Youth Novice 1x: 3rd, 4th and 6th Place

Women's Novice 1x: 1st Place

Women's Jr Novice 8+: 3rd Place

Women's Jr 2x: 13th Place

Women's Jr Novice 4+: 4th and 11th Place

Men's Jr Novice 8+: 2nd and 6th Place

Men's Jr Novice 4+: 4th and 9th Place