The Start of a Fierce Season: John Hunter Regatta Recap

Gainesville, GA - Junior Rowers traveled to Gainesville, GA for the first regatta of the Spring 2018 Racing Season, the John Hunter Regatta. A very cold and windy day, PTCRC kicked off the season by racing in a total of 12 events. The team came home with one 1st place finish, and two 3rd place finishes.

Men’s Youth 4x taking 1st by a huge lead.

The John Hunter Regatta is located in Gainesville, GA where participants get the chance to row on the 1996 Olympic course. Boats row about 3,000m up to the start where they are then lined up by what we call stake boats. The sterns of the rowing shells are held by an individual on a floating platform or boat called a stake boat.

The morning started out with our 8+ participants racing. The weather conditions were brutal. It was a cold day with highs hardly reaching the 50s. The cold was sharp and pierced both spectators’ and participants’ skin. This made for a difficult time getting warmed up while rowing up to the start.

Our Women’s Varsity 8+ kicked off the morning with a 6th place finish in a very tough heat. The ladies raced their hearts out, and were able to take away some great bits of learning. Next up was our Men’s Varsity 8+, who had a 5th place finish. The men also raced in a heat with some tough competition. Coach Matt and Coach Margie are happy with the performance the top Varsity boats put forth. These athletes are young and hungry, racing against other athletes that have 2-3+ years of experience on them.

The Women’s 1st Varsity 4+ later went on to have a stellar race. They were able to take 3rd in their event, even after most of the lineup had already raced earlier in the day. Their final time was (8:33.60).

7 & 8 seat in the Women’s Youth 8+, trying to stay warm during a cold and windy race.

The Men’s Youth Novice 4x had an amazing performance. 500m into their race, the Race Commentator announced “Wow, Peachtree City already has a huge lead!” Approaching the finish, they had a lead by a few boat lengths. Their final time was (7:15.07), beating 2nd place by over 6 seconds!

Our Women’s Youth 2x brought the fury to the course and unloaded an impressive sprint in the final sprint. With less than 200m to go, they closed in on the 3rd place boat and walked right past them. Each stroke they were catching up by a few meters. They ended up finishing in 3rd, with a final time of (8:31.72), beating 2nd place by hardly a second.

Coach Matt and Coach Margie of PTCRC are pleased with the progress and improvements the Youth Rowers have made. As Spring Racing Season continues, they plan to make the changes necessary to progress forward and show the SouthEast Region PTCRC is here to race well. With the room for improvement, Coach Matt and Coach Margie will keep doing what is necessary to continue with the upward strides.


Peachtree City Rowing Club will be racing in Clemson, SC at the Clemson Sprints. This race will take place on March 31, 2018.

Final Finish Times:

You can find the full result sheet by clicking here.