Youth Women Scrimmage with the Westminster School

Peachtree City, GA - The Women’s Youth Novice and Varsity squad of Peachtree City Rowing Club held a scrimmage on Lake McIntosh with the Westminster Schools Women’s Crew. The women battled it out for a total of 7 events. Races were 1,000m and 1,500m long.

The morning started out with the singles (1x) racing 1,500m. It was a cloudy and muggy morning with some flat and glassy waters. The boats raced close together for a majority of the race, and Westminster’s boat came out ahead in the last 500m. The PTCRC single racers learned a lot and know more about where they can improve in the small boats.

The next event was the Women’s Novice 8+. Peachtree City held strong through the race, and came out with a win finishing the 1,500m race in (6:18.97). The novice ladies had an excellent race with great improvements in form, technique, and power from the last 2 weekends.

Women's 1st Varsity 4+ walking on the Westminster School in the final 300m of the race.

The Women’s 1st Varsity 4+ had an exceptional race. Westminster started off with a strong lead holding their stern on PTCRC’s bowball for the first 750m. At the second 750m of the race, the PTCRC 1v4+ picked up the intensity and started catching up to Westminster. Around the 300m mark, PTCRC came out strong and walked past Westminster, finishing in (5:58.46) time. They beat Westminster’s (5:58.75) finish by 0.29 seconds.

Finishing off the morning of scrimmaging, the Women’s Varsity 8+ hit the water and made their way up the race course. PTCRC’s Head Women’s Coach Margie and Westminster’s Head Women’s Coach Kasia were excited about the race and looking forward to see how the women would perform against one another. At this point, many of the girls had already raced multiple times in earlier events. The PTCRC boat had a strong start maintaining good power and excellent form and technique. They finished the race with a final time of (5:37.29) beating Westminster’s (5:55.96) time.

PTCRC and the Westminster School's women posing after a great morning of racing

The youth athletes of PTCRC will travel to Oakridge, TN on April 28-29 for the Dogwood Junior Championship.



Women’s 1x (1,500m)
Westminster - 6:45.19
PTCRC (a) - 6:59.63
PTCRC (b) - 7:12.46
PTCRC (c) - 8:14.0

Women’s N8+ (1,500m)
PTCRC - 6:18.97
Westminster - 6:22.56

Women’s 2V4+ (1,500m)
PTCRC - 6:26.75
Westminster - 6:50.0

Women’s V2x (1,000m)
PTCRC - 4:14.44
Westminster - 4:21.64

Women’s N4+ (1,500m)
Westminster (b) - 6:53.23
Westminster (a) - 6:54.17
PTCRC (a) - 7:02.94
PTCRC (b) - 7:11.16

Women’s 1V4+ (1,500m)
PTCRC - 5:58.46
Westminster - 5:58.75

Women’s V8+ (1,500m)
PTCRC - 5:37.29
Westminster - 5:55.96