2018 RowRun Biathlon Challenge

March 17, 2018
Lake McIntosh Park
Peachtree City, GA

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Peachtree City Rowing Club is partnering up with Iron Strokes Health & Performance to host the 1st Annual Peachtree City RowRun Biathlon Challenge.

Competitors will participate in both rowing and running for various distances. The rowing portion will take place on ergometers (indoor rowing machines) in the Erg Zone at Lake McIntosh Park. During the run, competitors will run through the golf cart paths where they will experience beautiful views of Lake McIntosh.


This event was created with the intentions of creating an opportunity for members of our community to participate and reap the benefits of both rowing and running. In addition to that, all profits, sponsorships, and donations will assist in funding the PTCRC Youth Program.

The Board of Directors and Coaches are committed to providing the best possible experience for our Youth Rowers both on the water and off the water. We aim to enrich the lives of local youth athletes by providing superb opportunities with a challenging, rigorous, and most importantly fun training environment. We believe rowing creates well rounded individuals by improving not only improving their athleticism, but also their personal selves.


U13 RowRun Sprint Biathlon Challenge
500m Row, followed by a 1 Mile Run

U18 RowRun Sprint Biathlon Challenge
500m Row, Followed by a 1 Mile Run

Open RowRun Sprint Biathlon Challenge
500m Row, Followed by a 1 Mile Run

Open RowRun Distance Biathlon Challenge
5,000m Row, Followed by a 2 Mile Run

Open RowRun Relay Biathlon Challenge
2,000m Row, Followed by a 2 Mile Run


Throughout the day, we will be providing opportunities for anyone interested in getting in a rowing shell and going out on the water. Participants and attendees will work with experienced rowers and PTCRC coaches to enjoy some time on the water holding an oar, while learning the basics of the rowing stroke.


Looking to get you or your business/company's name out their while supporting your community? CLICK HERE to check out the sponsorship opportunities we have available. If you are interested in supporting us, please reach out to Margie Ellison ([email protected]). The Peachtree City Rowing Club, Inc. (PTCRC) is a not-for-profit, 501c3 organization, which means any donations and sponsorships are eligible for tax deductions.