There are two types of rowing: sculling and sweep rowing.  In sculling, each rower holds two oars and may be in a boat alone (a “single or 1x”), with two people (a “double or 2x”) or 4 people (a “quad” or 4x).

In sweep rowing, each rower holds one oar and may be in a boat with 2 people (a “pair” or 2-), 4 people (a “four” or 4+/-) or 8 people (an “eight” or 8+).  Fours may or may not have a coxswain on board to steer and lead the crew, and eights will always have a coxswain.

Individuals interested in a beginning rowing class can choose from the seasonal options listed in the Programs section of our website.  All introductory classes will include complete instruction on safety, an introduction to rowing equipment and technology along with your first experience in a rowing shell.

Businesses, community groups, clubs and individuals looking for group rowing opportunities can participate through our Private Lesson programs or schedule a customized team-building or corporate group program by contacting our coaching staff. Whether you are looking for a one-day experience with a small group of individuals, a series of group lessons or the opportunity to train and race with a group in a fun, relaxed environment that includes business networking and social activities we have a program that will work for you!