Competitive Youth Rowing

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The Peachtree City Rowing Club (PTCRC) sets a standard for youth athlete development, and is fully committed to giving competitive athletes the chance to improve in not just their athleticism, but all areas of their life. Competitive rowers with PTCRC develop and learn the art and skill of rowing, while receiving multiple opportunities to showcase their skills on the water in races. PTCRC’s competitive youth rowers race in the fall, and in the spring.

Rowers are some of the toughest athletes. In the fall, competitors will race 5,000m, also known as Head Races. In the spring, competitors will race 2,000m, also known as Sprint Races. Rowing is a sport that will challenge the individual both mentally and physically.

Coxswain: This is the individual who is in charge of the boat. They steer the boat, encourages and motivates rowers. Make no mistake, the coxswain plays an extremely important role in the sport of rowing. Without them, we would not be able to race coxed boats. They act as the “in-the-boat coach”. This is an ideal position for an athlete who has a small frame, and for some one who either has or wants to develop leadership skills. Younger athletes who want to row, but are also interested in coxing, are encouraged to learn the skill of coxing in addition to learning how to row.

We are continually seeking individuals looking to learn the skill of a coxswain. Youth athletes interested are strongly encouraged to join. Coxswains will also have the opportunity to learn how to row as well if they wish.

Rower: Just as important as the coxswain, the rower acts as the engine of the boat. They are the ones listening to the commands of the coxswain and moving the boat. PTCRC rowers are diligent athletes who are expected to continually seek self improvement both athletically and personally.


Youth Novice Rowing

Regardless of the athlete’s age, their first year as a competitive rower will be spent on the Youth Novice Team. During this time, they will undergo preparation for rowing on the Youth Varsity Team. Youth Novice athletes train 4-5x per week, depending on what season we are in. The Youth Novice program practices and participates in races in the fall and spring, with the opportunity to train with the Youth Varsity athletes in the winter. There is an opportunity at PTCRC for youth athletes, regardless of their athletic ability with rowing.

If you are interested in signing your youth athlete up for the Youth Novice program, please click here.

Prerequisites: None. There are no requirements to joining the competitive Youth Novice team. Any middle or high school age athlete is welcome and encouraged to participate.


Youth Varsity Rowing

Our prestigious competitive Youth Varsity team is an ideal fit for athletes who have completed the Youth Novice Rowing program and are looking to take their rowing skills to the next level. These athletes will practice 5x a week, and will race in the 3-5x fall and the spring. 

If you are interested in signing your youth athlete up for the Youth Varsity program, please click here.

Prerequisites: Completed at least one season of the Youth Novice program.