Internal Guide - For PTCR Members

THIS PAGE IS FOR PTCR MEMBERS ONLY. It is an INTERNAL guide for selling your raffle tickets and includes how to process and keep your records.  It is a working page and is updated as needed.  COME TO STARBUCKS TODAY 5pm-6pm to pick up your packets and turn in your sales! 


QUESTION:  "For my online sales only, how will I know when someone that I share the purchase link with, actually completes a purchase?"

ANSWER: There are TWO ways....

1. Your buyer has the option to enter an athlete's name during online purchase. When you turn in your sales to Michelle Goembel, you'll see the list of additional online sales processed in your athlete's name. You'll fill out those tickets at that time and text a copy (or personally deliver) to your buyers.  

2. However, your buyer may not see the "rower's name" field online and therefore no name is entered. When you turn in your other sales, you can review the list of online purchases, claim your buyers and complete the ticket(s) for them at that time.  

Remember, YES, your buyers can Venmo YOU payment. Then you pay PTC Rowing (cash / check / zelle / credit card). 

Record keeping:

  • The ticket must be paid for BEFORE writing on a ticket stub. 
  • Do not turn in any ticket stubs without payment to accompany each.
  • Payment (cash, check, credit or debit)
    • cash / check - Make check payable to PTC Rowing.  
    • place cash / check in the small envelope and place it inside the big white envelope to keep. 
    • credit / debit card payment - have payment link ready (on your phone to airdrop or show link), where the customer can enter card information and process payment. To manually get to the link, just go to and click on 12 Days of Christmas Raffle on the main page on the main menu bar. 
    • credit / debit card - once payment is processed, a confirmation code will be emailed to the email they gave when entering their card information.  Write that payment confirmation number on the back of the raffle ticket on the CC line
    • Venmo or Zelle? The buyer can Venmo or Zelle to YOUR VENMO or YOUR ZELLE,You can then turn in all of your payments (cash, check payable to PTC Rowing, zelle Remember, every ticket turned in has to have a payment. 

Once payment is received and confirmed.....

  • ON FRONT of ticket
    • have the buyer neatly fill out the front of the raffle ticket stub.
    • Remove stub and give buyer the top portion (big part) to keep as their record. 
    • ON BACK of ticket
      • The ticket must be paid for BEFORE writing on a ticket stub. 
      • Credit and Debit Card payments - Confirm the credit / debit payment confirmation code was entered on the CC Line as described above. 
      • Write your name and contact phone number.
      • Mark the payment method.
      • Put the ticket, along with check or cash, into the white envelope provided.

    AFTER the purchase, ask them to please share the link with family and friends to buy a ticket for chances to win. Also mention that they can buy additional tickets as well using that link!

    • Offer to take a picture of stub w/the number, then text it to them as a receipt. 

    As you sell, please share if there is something missing or if you find something new that works well! We'll update this page with member tips. WE NEED TO SELL ALL THE TICKETS SO WE CAN BUY THE BOAT! TEXT, email, post to sell! An HOA page is a great place to post. 

    Please be polite to all you meet - you are representing! Wear your PTCR Spirit Wear while selling. Many people will love the opportunity win prizes while  supporting you and your sport after meeting you! Your excitement and passion for your sport gets others excited! 

    Every raffle ticket has a unique number associated with it and each packet's number range is assigned to you. 

    If you want an official PTCR letter asking a business if you can set up and sell at their location, WhatsApp email Kim Crane know @ 

    PTC Rowing’s 12 Days of Christmas Raffle 2022 

    12 days of drawings with 24 prize packages totaling over $11,500 in cash and prizes! 

    TWO winners will be chosen each day, Dec 1 - Dec 12

    The first 22 winners will get to choose from prize packages valued $350-$500 each!

    The daily prize packages are filled with gift cards to restaurants, shops, salons, and more! 

    TWO Grand Prizes and TWO Grand Prize Winners on Day 12!

    Grand Prize #1 is $1,000 CASH!!!
    Grand Prize #2 is one (1) PTCR youth rowing season, 
    valued $1410 (novice) / $1700 (varsity)*

    *Participant must meet same requirements and standards as other youth members. If winner does not grant the prize to an eligible youth he/she knows, we may offer to create a one-time scholarship in the winner’s name and draw from those interested.    

    Finally, there are only 2,500 tickets being sold! Once they are gone, they’re gone! This raffle is registered with the Fayette County Sheriff’s department. 

    Buying more tickets means MORE chances to win.

    Who we are and why we’re having this raffle:  

    • The Peachtree City Rowing Club is a 501c3 not-for-profit business that provides a unique athletic option for 12 years and older in the southern crescent area of Atlanta.  
    • We are the only rowing center for 50 miles.
    • We need new equipment, specifically a QUAD right now. Our equipment lasts for years, in fact, most kids age out of the program before the equipment does! 
    • Invite them to visit our instagram & facebook to see what we’re up to!
    • Share that we’re nationally ranked!!! 

    Tips for selling tickets:  

    • Each person can buy multiple tickets! This gives them more chances to win! Prizes are awesome and there are TWICE as many chances to win! 
    • Send the link to friends to buy tickets! Send text messages and emails to their friends explaining what rowing has meant to you and ask them to support buying a new boat!
    • Opportunities to sell at specific storefronts are currently being arranged, more information to come. If you have connections, let us know asap!  
    • Please be polite to all you meet - you are representing! Wear your PTCR Spirit Wear while selling. Many people will love to support your sport after meeting you! 

      Getting MORE TICKETS to sell! 

      • If you need more tickets, contact Michelle Goembel (Evan and Ryan’s mom, PTC Rowing Board Member, Christmas Raffle Chair) through WhatsApp or email or 678-340-9041. Or, find her at the lake during the last 30 minutes of practice every day between 11/17 and 11/30. 
      • On December 1st, you can find her at the beginning of practice to ensure all tickets are entered before the first drawing on December 1st.
      • Turn in money and ticket stubs at the end of practice at the lake to Michelle Goembel.
      • Money and stubs should be sealed in the white envelopes provided and the outside of the envelope should be neatly and completely filled out. You can turn the money in to her everyday or every few days. It’s up to you. 
      • It’s up to each rower to collect payment. It’s easiest if each parent turns in a check or Zelles payment for all collected cash. This helps cut down on cash floating around.

      Live drawings 6:30 PM Weeknights, 11AM Sat & 1PM Sun. 

      Last year, some personal Facebook posts were deleted because the key words (raffle, buy, etc) were flags.  One method that worked last year included posting the flyer image (at the bottom of this screen as it's not a real ticket), along with  the link directly to the raffle ticket purchase page. Be aware that if you type certain words in the text of the post, it may flag it.  You can also post an image of your ask and instructions, instead of typing the words in the body of a post.