Why join Peachtree City Rowing Club?

As a member you will be granted the ability to use club's equipment. If you own your own single or double, your membership fee includes the ability to store your shell and oars at the boat facility.

Individuals and families may apply for memberships following the successful completion of a Learn to Row program and/or successful demonstration of rowing competence. 

The membership application process is designed to facilitate the safe and proper use of equipment and our facilities.

• Submit the membership application to

• PTCRC Board of Directors votes to accept new members.

Membership Fees

Members of the PTCRC pay annual membership dues plus additional fees depending on the programs and services they wish to participate in.

Adult membership is for individual members wishing to join the club.
Annual dues are $500.

Family membership is provided for members living in the same household and in a relationship. Fees vary based on the composition of the family membership. Our most common family membership is for 2 adults.
Annual dues are $750.00

Join and Pay Membership Fee: