Spring 2017 - Sprint Race Regatta Schedule/ Race Results

Highlights from the PTCRC Junior Crew and Masters Programs in their inaugural sprint racing season.  For complete race results, please refer to the RegattaCentral (www.regattacentral.com) or Row2k (www.row2k.com) websites.

Lake McIntosh Sprint Scrimmage

Date:  March 18
Host:  Atlanta Junior Rowing Association/ Peachtree City Rowing Cub
Venue:  Lake McIntosh Park

Location:  Peachtree City, GA

Women’s Crew
4V 8+     2nd
3V 8+     3rd
Middle School

8+   1st 

Men’s Crew
4V 8+   4th

3V 8+   3rd

    John Hunter Regatta

    Date:  March 26
    Host:  St. Andrew Rowing Club
    Venue:  1996 Olympic Rowing Complex, Lake Lanier

    Location:  Gainesville, GA

    Women's Crew
    WN4+        (A) - 1st
                      (B) - 5th
    WN8+        (A) - 3rd

                      (B) - 5th

    Men's Crew
    MN4+        (A) - 1st
                      (B) - 3rd
    MN8+        (A) - 1st

                      (B) - 5th

    Clemson Sprints Regatta

    Date:  April 1
    Host:  Clemson University Rowing Association
    Venue:  Lake Hartwell

    Location:  Clemson, SC

    Women's Crew
    Jr Novice 8+ - 1st
    Jr Novice 4+    (A) - 2nd

    Jr Novice 4+    (B) - 2nd

    Men's Crew
    Jr 2x - 4th
    Jr Novice 8+ - 1st
    Jr Novice 4+    (A) - 2nd

    Jr Novice 4+   (B) - 7th 


    Dogwood Junior Championships

    Date:  April 29 - 30
    Host:  Oak Ridge Rowing Association
    Venue:  Melton Hill Lake

    Location:  Oak Ridge, TN



    US Rowing Southeast Youth Championships

    Date:  May 13
    Host:  US Rowing
    Venue:  Lake Lanier Olympic Venue

    Location:  Gainesville, GA

    Women's Crew

    U17 8+ - 4th

    Men's Crew
    Youth 2+ - 13th
    Youth LW 4x - 14th

    U17 8+ - 3rd

    US Rowing Southeast Regional Championships

    Date:  May 13
    Host:  US Rowing
    Venue:  Lake Olmstead

    Location:  Augusta, GA

    Women's Crew
    Women's 1x (B-C) - 1st
    Women's 1x (D) - 2nd
    Masters 4x comp - 1st
    Masters 8+ comp - 1st

    Women's LW 2x comp - 1st

    Men's Crew
    Men's 1x (C) - 3rd
    Men's Novice 1x - 2nd
    Men's Junior 1x - 3rd
    Mixed Family 2x - 2nd