Novice Rowing (Fall 2019)

Novice Rowing (Fall 2019)

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The Jr Novice Program is the introduction to the competitive world of rowing. During the fall season, Novice athletes will practice 3 days a week, where they will learn the basic fundamentals of rowing, along with the proper form and technique behind the stroke. In addition to that, these athletes will also learn the ins and outs of racing within the world of rowing. Novice athletes will have the opportunity to compete in 4 races throughout the fall racing season.  PTCRC Athletes will work with Go Performance Trainers for winter conditioning at Go Performance's new state of the art facility.  All fees for Go Performance have been included in Fall PTCRC Fees.

The schedule* will include both on the water and land training as follows::

August 5, 2019 - November 11, 2019 (ON THE WATER)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Novice Girls 4:45-6:45 OFF 4:45-6:45 OFF OFF 8-10am OFF
Novice Boys 4:45-6:45 OFF 4:45-6:45 OFF OFF 8-10am OFF

 *schedule is subject to change during the season

**No training/practice from November 12-November 16 and November 25-30 (Thanksgiving week)

November 20 - December 20 (LAND TRAINING-GO Perf. See above)

Training schedule to be determined.  Team will train at Go Performance 2 days per week in addition to training at the PTCRC facility at Lake McIntosh.  Fees for Go Performance have been included in PTCRC fall fees.

Program costs (includes both on the water and land training):


Athlete Type In County Out of County
Coxswain $940 $965
Rower $1,250 $1,275


The county charges us a fee for each athlete. This fee allows the usage of the Lake McIntosh Park. If you are a Fayette county resident, select the in-county fee, and you will pay a $5 impact fee.  If you reside out of Fayette county, select the out of county fee, and you will pay a $25 impact fee.

***PARENT MEETING*** - August 22, 2019 at 7:00pm at Kedron Aquatics Center.  All parents and athletes please plan to attend.

Regattas/Team Events
1.  Music City, October 12, Nashville, TN
2.  Secret City, October 19, Oak Ridge, TN
3.  Head of the Hooch, November 2-3, Chattanooga, TN
4.  Head of the South, November 9, Augusta, GA


  • You agree to fulfill all financial responsibilities associated with rowing dues and fees.
  • You agree to participate in fundraising activities by obtaining donations from friends and family or contributing directly to the fundraising campaign.
  • You confirm you have read and accept the conditions identified within the USRowing Waiver Form.
  • You confirm that your child can swim and that, in accordance with the Safety Manual, you understand that each participant must pass a swim test which will be conducted prior to the first practice session.
  • You have read the PTCRC Information Handbook.
  • You understand that additional fees may be charged for away regattas to cover the cost of entry fees and travel costs for boat transportation (in the past, these fees have ranged between $25 - 40 per regatta). Athletes and their families will be responsible for the arrangement and cost of travel to and from regattas.
  • You understand that uniforms are required for all racers and that uniforms will be purchased directly from the vendor. Athletes are required to purchase a PTCRC JL Racing top. The estimated cost is ~$40 for each top. A long sleeve, short sleeve, and tank top option will be available. Information regarding the uniform order will be provided.